FRAC Grand Large



17.02.2024 — 31.12.2024

Frac Grand Large — Hauts-de-France

matali crasset, La Cuisine en terrasse, 2021 © Adagp, Paris, 2024. Collection Frac Grand Large. Photo : C.K. Mariot

The Terrace Kitchen, designed by matali crasset, is an open, convivial space where we can develop a different relationship with the world and, more specifically, a different relationship with the land.  

If we take care of the earth and grow healthy plants, they will in turn protect our microbiota. In agriculture, terraced farming consists of growing crops on land laid out in terraces or horizontal plots supported by low stone walls or earthen embankments. The Terrace Kitchen on the other hand, is a way of looking at our relationship with living things and with the soil, through an act that affects almost all of us: eating and cooking.  

A space where you can focus on the products of the soil, with a pantry, a meal preparation area integrated into the tier in the form of a large work surface with storage space.  

A succession of steps form a tier with a viewing area and a tasting area at the top in the form of a large dining table. 

The colours reflect the interactions between these two worlds: from yellow to orange, they reflect the influences of the sun, while the reds reflect the contribution of organic materials and the shades of blue symbolise the influences of rain, wind and moon.  

matali crasset trained as an industrial designer. In the early 2000s, she set up her own company, matali crasset productions. She sees design as research. Her methodology is based on observations of ordinary practices and questioning the usual organisational principles. She works in a wide range of fields, always linked to encounters. She brings together universes that are usually quite distinct, from crafts to contemporary art (Vent des Forêts), from the textile industry to fair trade, working on set design, furniture, architecture and graphic design projects, collaborating with artists (Peter Halley), with young furniture publishing companies, with municipalities and local authorities, etc.

The Terrace Kitchen became part of the Frac Grand Large collection in 2024

Gift of matali crasset productions in 2024
With the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell


17.02.2024 — 31.12.2024


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