FRAC Grand Large



The technical acquisition committee is moderated by the director of the Frac Grand Large. It is made up of contemporary art professionals appointed by the Frac board of directors at the suggestion of the director.

The members – volunteer art professionals – are appointed for a period of three years, renewable. They form a working and orientation group on the collection and are responsible for prospecting and proposing works that are part of the artistic project.

– Keren Detton
Director Frac Frac Grand Large — Hauts-de-France

– Evelien Bracke (Belgique)
Curator specialising in design, Design Museum Gent (Belgium).

– Michel Dupuy (France)
Artist, part of the duo Dector & Dupuy.

– Irene Aristizábal (Great Britain)
Chief curator BALTIC

– Alexandrine Dhainaut (France)

– Burkhard Meltzer (Suisse)
Art and design historian

– Catherine de Zegher (Belgique)
Independent curator