FRAC Grand Large


SHIP OF FOOLS: Temporary and Permanent

02.04.2022 — 31.12.2022

Off-site / Quartier Degroote à Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village

Maurizio Nannucci’s historic piece Provisoire et définitif (Temporary and Permanent), created in 1996 for the inauguration of the Frac building when it moved to Dunkirk, is also part of the exhibition off-site as it has been installed on the façade of a building in the centre of the Degroote district, in the municipality of Teteghem-Coudekerque-Village, which is undergoing urban renewal.

These two terms, which the artist used to name one of his mono-graphic exhibitions in Nice in 1992, bear witness to a duality present in every act of artistic creation: the work will disappear anyway and yet, because of its ephemeral material existence, it will endure through the impact it has on its environment.

Does this reflection put forward by Nannucci apply to design objects and architecture?


02.04.2022 — 31.12.2022


Quartier Degroote à Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village