FRAC Grand Large



31.03.2022 — 24.07.2022

Off-site / La Condition Publique, Roubaix

An exhibition by Labo148 with the Frac Grand Large

With : Claire Fontaine, Philippe Mayaux, Helen Chadwick, Scott King, Catherine Melin, Lee Friedlander, Jenny Gage, NEMO, Céline Condorelli, Barbara Kruger, Jacques Villeglé, Ruth Ewan, Justine Pluvinage, Nina Beier, Micol Assaël, Anne-Marie Schneider, Fabien Verschaere, Louis Cane, Virginia Chihota, Micha Laury, Agatoak Kowspi, Christophe Vigouroux, Elly Strik, Nathalie Sejean, Collectif Co, Flora Beillouin, Julien Pitinome.

In the Coucke gallery of the Condition Publique, the other exhibition of the Urbain. es season unfolds. Under its title, “Desirable futures”, and behind the red neon sign by Claire Fontaine that marks the entrance Please God Make Tomorrow Better, it reveals the aspirations of the young people of the Labo148 of the Condition Publique who immerse themselves in the heart of the Frac Grand Large’s collections.

The works of Céline Condorelli, Justine Pluvinage and Scott King are mixed with the productions of Labo148 participants. Videos, photos, installations, a dialogue imagined around gendered representations, the occupation of physical space, intimate and political expression, which also borrows from design fiction to envisage the future.


31.03.2022 — 24.07.2022


La Condition Publique, Roubaix


Horaires : mercredi et samedi 13h30 / 19h Jeudi et dimanche 13h30 / 18h et vendredi 13h30 / 20h30


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